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Ok friends.. I need your help!!!

What I am looking for:

A slideshow/Movie maker that allows for jpg files, gif files (and does NOT freeze them)

Allows me to add music and choose the transitions between slides/pics/gifs

Is compatible with Windows 8

Can be saved as a video for DVD burning (or at least in a format that I can then convert into a DVD format).

Must be free or VERY inexpensive.

User friendly.

Any ideas? (Minus Movie Maker from XP and Windows Live Movie maker)

ETA:: please keep in mind I need FREE OR INEXPENSIVE. This means under $25 USD.

This guy keeps popping up in my dreams. He’s a cross between Miles Teller, Josh Peck and Zach Levi. It is a different dream every time…but there he is. It’s very odd. He’s a good lookin guy. Tall, great laugh and smile. But we never talk to one another. Like the dream never gets there. It’s happened twice this week and like 3 times last week.

Update on me:

This is my last day taking Vitamin D which means I can finally put away the medicine separator. Also, slept on my back for a while last night without any major issues (that is a HUGE improvement). I still have some pains here and there and I still can’t stand too long or walk super far, but it is better than what it was.

Oh…and I vacuumed my house today!

I think it is sad that people are hating on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. High profile celebrities are bringing awareness and generating donations for the ALS organization. It is also prompting us regular folks to do challenges to raise awareness and money. There is NO downside to this.

Also, to those doing the challenges, it isn’t just a bucket of ice water on your head. You have to donate and thenn challenge others so they donate and challenge. If you aren’t donating, you’re failing at the entire concept.

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