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13 years ago, I was working a security detail at Riverbend Music Center with my friend Amy. We were talking about how quiet it was, how unusually quiet. There were no planes that day. Then Monty (head of grounds) came flying around one of the corners hollerin that we were under attack. That new york was hit. We all ran towards backstage and turned on a tv and watched it all unfold. I then began to call my friend shinycupcakebaker because she had family in the area.

Our lives were never the same. Our hearts forever changed.

This is so frustrating! I’ve spent 9 months off from work. Went thru one crazy painful, but rewarding surgery. Struggled to keep my home. To have food. To have electric… now that I’m supposed to go back to work, I can’t because a wheel cylinder or brake line decided to malfunction and I have no brakes so I cannot drive to work.

I should be sleeping right now so that I could work tonight but I can’t because I’m trying to find a way to get to work AND get my car fixed.

Update on me:

Went to the dr today. Xrays look great. Going back to work on Sunday night. Already talked to my boss so that’s taken care of.

Upside: normal life and money back
Downside: we’re in peak mode for 2 straight weeks starting the same night. (At least that means ovetime pay)

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